Consulting Services

Drawing from client experience and proprietary research, The Vietnam Group shares the tactics and tools that leading, trailing, and forming companies need to know to compete in the ever-evolving market of ASEAN.


Digital Communications are essential in todays world. We specialize in PPC, Conversion Optimization, SEO and Content Management for Leading Edge Companies and Leaders of Industry.

Supply Chain

We help you understand the issues surrounding Import & Export, Trade Regulations, Costs, transportation, Logistics, Warehousing, Customs Regulations and more.

Business Development

Revenue is Key. We help you find partners, channels, sales teams & employees to help you grow your Organization locally and globally.

Executive Placement

We all know finding the right fit for your company is the most important decision you will make. We will help guide you on this path.


Cost Reduction

Having a company that actively manages all of these services can be a nightmare, even for a company that has been established for a while. With our comprehensive support, we can fulfill your corporate needs at a much lower cost than in-house solutions, while also delivering better results.


Central to our code is being an active and involved advisor. We are driven by cooperation, finding a boutique solution and developing new business opportunities through constant communication.


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